- Parents must walk their child into its classroom when the child is brought to school.

- Parents must let a member of staff know before they take their child home.

- Gates and front door should always be closed.

- After being sick a child can skip outside playtime for 1-2 days, depending on how serious the illness was and situations in the school 

- We do not keep children indoors to try to prevent them from getting sick.
Playing outside in the fresh air is healthy for everybody!

- Miðborg’s staff is not allowed to give the children medication.
If a child needs to take medication it needs to be done at home.
An exception is made for asthma inhalers. 

- On Fridays all of the children’s clothes and shoes need to be taken home, so the locker rooms can be cleaned.

- The children’s clothes need to have a name tag with the child’s name on.
The clothes need to be warm and appropriate for the season. 
Here you can see what is appropriate winter clothing for children.